About Us


  • Total solution to high performance tennis
  • Culture where champions are made
  • To provide tools that are necessary for professional tennis players


  • Small community of like minded people creating a platform for future professional tennis players

Structure / Cell concept

  • We believe that small team of same minded people can achieve great results
  • Our Cell Concept structure with ratio 1 coach to 3 or 4 players will allow us to develop champions by closely monitoring the progress
  • Within training hours we implement: strength conditioning, mental toughness, video analysis, recovery/stretching/yoga, swimming etc.


  • Commitment, Discipline and Problem Solving is a big part of our culture that we practice from day to day operations
  • We believe that 3 components (Tripartite Support System) PARENT, PLAYER, COACH are necessary in
    order to create/craft champion mindset in our players
  • Parent Support Group is created to help with logistics, sponsorships, feedbacks etc.

Our Programs

Full Time Performance Program

Excel Program