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Tennis Training

About Us

About Us

Our vision is to create an environment that is competitive yet fun by developing, combining and applying different effective training programs for different ages. 

We aim to build a strong culture that facilitates the making of a champion.

Invited guest coach briefing for a small group at ALC Performance Tennis

Cell Concept

Our cell concept with ONE coach to 4 players ratio will allow us to understand each player needs individually and help them to achieve their personal goals.

Our objective is to build a solid and technical and physical foundation, create personalised goals for each player and plan tournaments as the player embark on their tennis journey.

Our Believe

We believe.

In ALC, we strongly believe that the Tripartite Support System which consist of Parents, Player and Coach plays an integral part in the process of cultivating a champion mindset in our players.
A good communication amongst the 3 parties is crucial in order to set the right expectations.


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